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Finale of Tough Love Couples May 25, 2010

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I have to say I am addicted to watching Tough Love Couples, this season was full of tears, laughter, and of course drama! I was an avid watcher of the first 2 Seasons of Tough Love and thought, this show is so fun! Then they put a twist for the 3rd Season, and by all means, they did not disappoint me for sure! I hope you tuned in to watch it! I don’t want to give away anything if you haven’t watched it yet! I have seen they are  Casting for Tough Love for next season, so if your  in a relationship that needs work, apply!


Letting Something Go May 20, 2010

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Letting GOLetting Something Go : Check out this video to me it speaks volume on how life and others can overwhelm us! Maybe if we all did what they show in the video we might be a bit happier!


Heidi Montag “Gazillion Dollar Franchise”

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There is a lot of debate going on right now on Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrads old BFF on the Hills, which airs on MTV. Most people are siding that she looked better before all her plastic surgery. Fans think she has over-stepped the boundaries of too much plastic! Heidi has undergone numerous plastic surgeries. Heidi admitted to Us Magazine that she has under-gone 10 procedures in one day. To me that is crazy for anyone to want to change their appearance that much. The debate is all siding toward better before her numerous surgeries. It is really sad that there are people out their, that want to change their appearance that much.  Heidi states that her body is, “A gazillion dollar franchise.”  When she was premiering at the Liquid Pool she had to have extra body guards, saying she was being stalked. She finds the attention great and see’s herself as being more fierce looking then the old Heidi.  Most fans are saying it is time for an intervention. Time will tell what the tabloids have to say next, on the Gazillion dollar franchise of Heidi!


Hello world!

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